Crypto Exchange

We have been building exchanges since 2014. Our solution are fast, scalable and very reliable. We offer fully customisable, turnkey solution with hosting and support services.
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6457 - Business Strategy

Advanced Control Panel

The exchange is fully customisable and you get a total control over it through an advanced control panel.

commodity digitalisation

Customer Support

We offer customer support and maintenance support. These are included for free for the first 6 months

distributed ledger

Real Time Order Execution

Platform is fast and scalable. High availability at 99 % SLA.

6456 - Business Growth


Hosting in our mining facilities is included for the first 6 months. We also offer hosting solution on monthly basis.

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Lending crypto money on exchanges is one of the best way ro earn daily returns on coins which would normally sleep in wallets

supply chain blockchain

Marginal Trading Platform

Offer trading with leverage on crypto market to your customers

  • KYC
  • Profile management
  • Trade history
  • Order Book
  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Fund Transfer
  • Fund Withdrawal¬†
  • SMS integration
  • Wallet Management
  • Security Management
  • Charts
  • Market Depth
  • Risk Management
  • Manual Currency Converter
  • Fees Calculation
  • Exchange API Integration
  • Two facto Authentication (2FA)
  • Service Tax Calculation
  • Google Robot Private Checker
  • Reference/ Reward Management
  • Multiple Fiat Currencies Management
  • Order Matching Algorithm¬†
  • Crypto Wallet Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Buy/Bid & Sell/Ask Process
  • Data encryption
  • DDOS Attack Prevention
  • Wallet Management Security
  • SSL
  • SQL injection Prevention
  • Ticket generation
  • Ticket Revert Module
  • Cross Site Forgery Prevention

Exploration & Discovery

Our consultant conduct a study of your area and make a customised report. Our goal is to make sure you have a full idea on what are the possibilities and risks to implement blockchain. We also organise workshops and brainstormings.

6438 - On Target


We gather requirement from your team, we make sure we are all aiming the same goal. We take an active part on this step making sure that your requirement and your goal are aligned.

Feasabilty Study

The feasibility will cover both technical and financial viability of the project. We explore alternative and search for existing blockchain implementation and protocol to alleviate the cost and ressources needed.

6458 - Budget Calculations
6453 - Draw Prototype

Proof of concept

We develop a proof of concept to make sure that your project is viable and get a very precise idea on the time and ressources necessary to the full development. Proof of concept is a very powerful tool to convince your board and investors.

FINAL Agreement

This is time to go in detail. We make a comprehensive and transparent agreement so you get what you expect. Our goal is to make your project successful.

6424 - Receipts
6442 - Planning


During implementation we scale the proof of concept. You project is going to be implemented by our multi-disciplinary teams and collaboration with third party if necessary. You will receive weekly updates, reports on milestones achievement and regular demos.


Our work is not only to develop a product, its to make you successful. Product is built alongside documentation. At handover we organise learning workshop to your team so your team gets started in the most efficient way.

6431 - Reception
6423 - Active Chat


Our package include hosting and support for the first few months to make sure you kickstart in the best condition. We offer a wide range of hosting and our support is available 24/7 with various option from phone hotline, chat to email.

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Get it touch with us to receive a demo, ask for more information or simply to exchange about your project